Jim Knight Oil.
We provide the following services:

+ Waste oil removal
+ Antifreeze removal
+ Clarifiers
+ Oil filters
+ Grease traps
+ Non-hazardous material removal
+ Hazardous material removal and remediation
+ Paint removal
+ Debris removal
+ Contaminated soil removal
+ Contaminated rain water run-off removal
+ Contaminated Diesel removal
+ Contaminated Surface (Ponds, Lakes, etc.) removal
+ NON-RECRA waste removal
+ Asbestos removal
+ Absorbents removal
+ Flammables removal
+ Disposal of computer hardware (screens, keyboards, etc.).

We accept:
Hazard Removal

Let's face it

You have a hazardous waste problem. It really doesn't matter how it got there.

It may be a one-time incident or a continuous by-product of your business. All that matters is that it is disposed of, and disposed of properly. Jim Knight Drain Oil Company's staff is an experienced team of professionals that will assist you in coming up with the most economically feasible method of disposing of your waste.


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